PUBLIQ initial token offering (ITO) has ended

Thank you for giving your vote of confidence to both PUBLIQ’s mission and our team’s efforts in bringing PUBLIQ to life. On or before 28 February 2018, 13,496,872 PBQ tokens shall be distributed to contributors through PUBLIQ blockchain network.

To best support PUBLIQ’s mission, we continue welcoming contributions from institutions. PBQ shall be listed on reputable exchanges as planned: until then PBQ price for new contributions is set at 0.00002 BTC.

PUBLIQ’s international team is entirely dedicated to continue staying ahead of the development roadmap. As planned, PUBLIQ blockchain TestNet Media Platform is hosting authors and users from around the globe!



This is publiq Foundation

The global online advertising market size reaches USD 200 billion: PUBLIQ introduces the first advertising model that creates tremendous value for both users and advertisers.
The only self sustainable blockchain economic model that creates economic and intellectual wealth for everyone.
No more friction, no more opacity, the ecosystem incentivises authors and channels to join the platform, build a lifetime reputation and be fairly rewarded for their work.
Increase the quality of the content and traffic by establishing a game-changing mechanism of community governance built and equipped to combat fake news.
The PBQ utility token represents the fuel of the ecosystem, earning PBQ means believing in an economic model that attracts authors and advertisers to be part of the future of media. The more the number of participants into the ecosystem will rise, the more the demand and value of PBQ will increase.
PUBLIQ provides an end-to-end platform of token services including a personal secured wallet and a built-in transaction service to send and receive PBQ tokens.
PUBLIQ’s core team gather a very large experience in the media and financial sector, and came up with an ambitious and ground-breaking goal to revolutionize media by removing any existing barriers and proposing a unique economic model. PUBLIQ’s team consists of experts in media, fintech, marketing, programming and R&D.
Advertisers can interact in a zero third-party fee environment and have the opportunity to become direct supporters of a unique ecosystem.
PUBLIQ Foundation is encouraging everyone to rethink our ecosystems!


Blockchain distributed media platform


Free expression and instant, merit-based remuneration.


A self-sustainable infrastructure to run a media business.


Access to target audience without an intermediary.


Earn by validating PoS blockchain network and from transaction fees.


Support the distributed storage and earn by providing unused computer capacity.


Benefit from the choice of AI powered unbiased content.